Wellness is the way of living in good health. It is not merely the absence of disease but of living happily as well. Wellness Care in chiropractics refers to the journey of keeping the body at its peak physical fitness, maintain the alignment of the body and relax every muscle to avoid pain and strain of all sorts. Misalignments in the musculoskeletal structure of the body mean irritation, discomfort, pain, dysfunction, and a host of other ailments.

Chiropractics for Wellness

Since wellness is not a permanent condition but a journey, therefore regular action is required to keep things in check. Chiropractics is a very good way to keep your body free from pain, stress and problems. There needs to be regular checks by trained chiropractors. Simple Chiropractic techniques like message, rest, exercise, spinal decompression, physiotherapy, etc. are beneficial in relieving muscle tension arising from everyday work, stress from mental work and skeletal misalignments from heavy activities.

Scientific approach to Wellness

With the traditional techniques of chiropractics to keep all kinds of body pains at bay, there has been the path breaking invention of the ProAdjuster to provide quick effective cure to ailments. Unlike previously, when practitioners had to use their sense of touch to understand the dislocations or misalignments in the joints, the ProAdjuster can be used to analyze the situation far more accurately. The ProAdjuster comes fitted with a computer and a display unit which shows firsthand what the joint looks like from the inside and the nature of the anomaly. Upon diagnosis of the defect, the adjuster also works as the cure. Using it, the practitioner can put controlled pressure on the joint and cure the misalignment thus providing respite from discomfort and keeping the journey for wellness on track.

How Often to Consult a Chiropractor?

The frequency of visits to the chiropractor depends entirely on the nature of problem and its severity. For people with severe problems in their joints or the spine, neck, muscle sprain, etc. or stress related disorders, visits must be conducted regularly as advised by the practitioner until the condition is cured. Whereas for those with no complications or problems should visit less frequently to keep track of the status of their body. The visits should also depend on the lifestyle of the individual. Someone who is very active physically like an athlete, construction worker, etc. are at constant risk of injury and pain. Similarly office executives with a lot of involvement in mental work are subjected to mental stress and related disorders. For these people, visits to the chiropractors is required. For those with sedentary lifestyle and no discomfort, fewer visits don’t matter as much.

What to do When the Pain Subsides?

It is not uncommon for aa vast majority of cases where the discomfort or pain subsides after treatment or even without treatment. However the lack of pain does not necessarily indicate a lack of problems. Often the pain subsides but the problem remains hidden only to spurt up later. There must be regular visits to the chiropractor to determine the exact condition of the body and take necessary steps to live a healthy life.


Be it a sudden trauma, faulty gait, arthritis or stress, pain is the end result that plagues hundreds of people and impairs them from attaining proper wellness. At Spinewise, our expert chiropractors involve traditional techniques along with modern tools like the ProAdjuster to administer treatments to the problem areas. We have been the guide to a good, happy and healthy life for hundreds of people. Contact us to embark upon the journey to wellness and keep the pain away forever.


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