What you Need to Know about Spondylosis?


In recent years, suffering from spondylosis is more, patients may be young, and there are doctors who warn that it is a silent epidemic. There are two types of spondylosis are as Cervical Spondylosis and Lumbar Spondylosis.

Cervical Spondylosis: When the spinal discs of the neck are affected, the condition is known as Cervical Spondylosis. cervical spondylosis only affects the patient’s neck, and leads to pain and stiffness in that area.Cervical Spondylosis is the most common one, which becomes more chronic with the passing of age. To read about othe possibly causes of cervical spondylosis and neck pain, visit https://www.spinewise.ca/neck-pain/.

Lumbar Spondylosis: Symptoms of lumbar spondylosis are severe pain in the neck, arms, shoulders and limbs, powerlessness of muscles and abnormal skin sensations called Paresthesia. This is the degenerative condition when the lower spine of a person is affected in way that it is troubled by a narrowing of the space between the spine bones. A modification in the diet and lifestyle, together with adequate exercise can also help to restrain the symptoms.

When Spondylosis affects both the lumbar spine and sacral spine, the condition is known as Lumbosacral Spondylosis, which has degenerative condition from the base of the spine to just below the Lumbar spine. When such degenerative changes occur in the spine’s multiple vertebrae, the condition is known as Multilevel Spondylosis.


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