Physical therapy or Physiotherapy is defined as provision of services to people in order to restore or maintain physical and functional ability especially after time of disease process or injury, but most often it is performed to optimize physical capabilities.

Physiotherapy is mostly believed by many people to be an exercise which maintains the working state of human body in an efficient way. Nevertheless, physio is far more than an exercise supervised by physiotherapists. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our Physiotherapist, you can call our clinic or email us.

Physiotherapy is not just an exercise comprising of easy and repetitive steps. Optimal application is sometimes a challenge for even experienced physiotherapists. Use of appropriate physical therapy according to the patient’s age, sex, physical condition, disease severity and physical capabilities are some of the features that influence the approach to for physio management.

Therefore only a physio with vast knowledge, sufficient experience and expertise is mandatory for this purpose. Such a person is termed as a Physiotherapist. There are many kinds of physiotherapy techniques which are effective in treating sports injury. Exercise and manipulations, and the use of massage are just a few of these.


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