Why Choose for Conservative Care for a Disc Herniation?

herniated discsMany people who suffer from leg pain, back pain, irregular lower extremities functions or an excess of weakness in the legs, and usually diagnosed to be suffering from a herniated disc. So how can it be determined that a person who has a herniated disc and how effective is conservative treatment for herniated disc?

The Causes

The intervertebral disc consists of the outer-fibrous ring, and it has a central soft section. The disc receives nourishment via motion of the vertebrae that lies above and below. Their movement forces fluids and blood through the disc.

The Symptoms

All herniated discs are not essentially painful and discomfort may also not be very evident in many. But when the bulging disc pressurizes the spinal nerve, an inflammatory reaction or pain might occur.

• Pain spreading across the buttocks. It might spread down the back of a thigh and straight down to the calf
• The pain could be either in one or both the legs
• A tingling sensation or numbness might be present in the feet or legs
• There might be a tingling or weakness in either one or both the arms
• Sometimes there might be discomfort while lying down
• There might be a sudden ache or twist in the neck that causes severe pain
• There could be bladder or bowel changes which might be accompanied with a pain in the groin


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