Why You Need To Check Your Children For Scoliosis?

Check Children For Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a dangerous spine mutation which is, thankfully, easy to recognize by doctors and patients alike. The curvature can start at the thoracic area of the spine, and rotate down to a hump at the rib cage. The quick growth of children and their rapidly changing physiology are often to blame for sparkling whatever buried cause of Scoliosis there is. Kids, especially, must be checked at least once per year for this condition.

A spinal checkup is important for your child’s development and wellbeing. You wouldn’t skip your child’s dental check-ups, or not take him to have his eyes examined. For more info about Scoliosis, please visit http://www.spinewise.ca/scoliosis/.

As children develop, there are many ways that their spine can become misaligned:

1. During Birth – Difficult labours and births might have a traumatic effect on the particular newborn, especially in the throat.

2. In Childhood – Accidents, playground injuries, falls off bikes, sports injuries and incorrectly carrying large knapsacks could cause spinal misalignments.

3. During Infancy – Up to 50% of infants fall from the bed, crib or diaper kitchen table. And toddlers fall many, often times while learning to walk

4. During Teen Years – Teenagers use a history of slouching while sitting or playing video games or while studying. These can lead to improper posture and even pain inside their back.

Scoliosis is a sometimes serious condition that may be seen in the preteen several years. If treated early by the chiropractor, the effects of scoliosis could be reduced fastly.

Dr. Amit Sharda is a Bowmanville Chiropractor and the owner of Spinewise chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Sharda treats a variety of patients, pregnant women, including seniors, children and adults of all ages. Common conditions include low back pain, chronic neck pain, sciatic nerve pain, shoulder joint pain, headache and many others.


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