Why You Need to Give Nutritional Supplements to Your Kids?


The teenage years are of course the time during which the body grows considerably and childhood turns to adulthood. In teenage, children need more nutrition which is very important because on that satge, our body undergoes such great changes and it might even be a good time to consider the use of nutritional health supplements to ensure the body has the goodness it requires. All teenagers need to be properly prepared for the stresses they face. Come over to http://www.spinewise.ca/nutritional-consultations/ to find out more about nutritional health supplements.

Children often dislike the deep leafy greens vegetables, and may need to get iron from nutritional supplements instead. Adolescents sometimes need nutritional supplements containing iron to prevent anemia. Teenagers are usually, and need to be, very active and iron is essential to their well-being as it is essential in ensuring the blood carries oxygen to the muscles and other important areas.

In addition to nutritional supplements containing iron, some children may need nutritional supplements containing calcium. Calcium is essential to bone development and studies have shown that the bone growth in adolescence significantly affects the strength of the skeleton in later years. Even if your children take multivitamins, they may still need nutritional supplements for calcium, since many only contain 20 percent of the minimum daily requirement.

The best sources of calcium are dairy products such as yoghurt, milk and cheese although once again good nutritional health supplements could be considered.

During the period of massive changes between childhood and adulthood, a person needs to have the right nutrition to set him or her up for life. If you want to get an advise, you may consult with expert Nutritionist at Spinewise. SpineWise Bowmanville clinic has expert Nutritional Consulting Practitioners that hold a Master’s in Applied Science and Clinical Nutrition.